We do supply, installation, repair and maintenance of office equipment such as computers, servers, Hard-Disk, laptops, RAM, Batteries, Power Backups (UPS), printers, scanners, projectors, mobile phones and networking equipment.

CCTV Cameras

Hypertel Technologies offers a wide selection of CCTV Cameras to suite all our client’s needs.
Our team of technicians are experienced and well trained and can handle any complex installations in government facilities, diplomatic missions, Industrial, hospitality, residential and commercial users.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are security devices that control entry to a premise.
The bio-metric door lock utilizes finger print reader or RFID technology to lock and unlock your door.

You can always set, re-set or remove the fingerprint access information on the device. Our systems are able to log over a thousand users in the inbuilt memory or an online server database.

Like other security products, bio-metric access control systems can be advanced through
integration with other systems.The bio-metric systems can be used by human resource to
assist in time management and payroll.

PBX & IP Telephony Solutions

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is a great option for larger organisations such as call centers, or businesses with large numbers of employees, as it provides a single access number the ability to have multiple lines to callers outside of the organisation.

We at Hypertel Technologies have core expertise in developing telephony solutions using the advanced business telephone systems and communication equipment such as Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Yeastar IP, NEC, Dlink IP, Samsung, Grandstream Telephone systems and so on.

Electric/ Razor Fences

An electric fence system works by sending a high voltage pulse around a multi-wire
perimeter fence.

As long as the fence is live, your premise will be secure every second of every hour of every day. It works by sending high voltage pulses whenever an intruder touches the live fence. The resulting voltage can be to the tune of 2,500 to 12,000 volts. This high voltage arises from an electric fence “energizer”.

The intruder who touches the fence completes an electrical circuit, immediately receiving an electric shock at the voltage mentioned above. Additionally, the incidence triggers an alarm to the owner or security team who can then decide what measures they will take against the intruder.

GSM Intruder Alarm System

By definition, GSM alarms are devices that sound a siren, send a message, make a phone call, turns on lights, takes a photo or records a video whenever an undesirable event occurs in a secured room. This happens when the alarm system detects a movement or when a door or window is opened. The sensor then triggers any of the above actions indicating that someone may be trying to break in. It will be like you never left your home, office warehouse or shop. Our GSM alarms have an inbuilt GSM and WIFI capability and can also be controlled using mobile apps.

Intercom Video Door Phones

The video door phone is mainly used outdoors to provide home owners with added security.
It provides an additional field of view at the main entrance. With the video door phone,you can see who is at the door before you open it and you can even communicate with them without having to open the door at all. Our Door Bells can be connected to also work with mobile phones and tablets. Some can also record HD videos.

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Hypertel Technologies Supplies, Installs, Services, Maintains and  Repairs CCTV and IP Cameras Surveillance Systems, Bio-metric Access Control and Time Attendance Systems, Automatic Intruder GSM Alarm Systems, Electric Fences and Razor Wire Fences, Video Door Intercom Systems, Nanny Cameras, Point of Sales Systems and Hardware, Automatic Electric Gates, Car parking Shades, Power backup solutions, Computers, Servers, Printers, Laptops and Phones etc.
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